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 Gyeryong-san Pottery Village
Gyeryong-san Pottery Village
Punch’ong Pottery painted in Underglaze Iron (鐵畵紛靑沙器), having a nickname of Gyeryong-san Buncheong (鷄龍山紛靑), is pottery made exclusively in Gyeryong-sanrok as the Sajang pottery kiln representing a part of Korean pottery kilns in the 15th century. This is clearly distinguished from other regions in its pattern of pottery.

Gyeryong-san pottery village is the place where the ceramic artists form a group and devote themselves to restore, succeed and develop Punch’ong Pottery painted in Underglaze Iron, where the visitor can vividly feel the lives of the potters who burn their hot artistic spirits of fire and earth.

Besides the summer season pottery camp for students and public, autumn camp, a variety of cultural center lectures, corporate training & education, site exercise education by processes, lectures for visitors, etc. are implemented.
Excursion Schedule Gongju Sangsin-ri Ceramic art Village(Departure 2009. Sep. 24, 14:00)
Excursion Total Fee KRW 25,000 (Approximately USD 20 )
Include Making Pottery and Gift (We will give Pottery written your name.)
Cancellation Policy for Excursion
- No-shows or cancellation of the day of departure will be charged for KRW 10,000.
If you would like to cancel the Excursion reservation, please contact the 2009 UN BSS & IHY Workshop secretariat.

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