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Hotel Riviera Yuseong
Hotel Riviera Yuseong is located in the center of transportation and culture of Korea. As a five-star hotel for leisure and business, we are famous for the high level of customer satisfaction. Hotel Riviera Yuseong is the preferred hotel for international guests due to reputation as the headquarter hotel of many international events like 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup, 1993 World Expo Daejeon, 1988 Olympic, etc. We assure that you can experience the relaxation and comfortable stay with our high quality service and hospitality.
Tel : +82 42 823-2111
Fax : +82 42 822-5250
Address : 444-5 Bongmyung-dong, Yuseong-gu,
      Daejeon, Korea
Facilities : Restaurants, Bar, Lounge, Health Club,
      Business,Center, Banquet, Meeting Room
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Korea, East Asia Map
Korea, traditionally known as the Land of the Morning Calm, is today a modern, bustling hub of East Asia. It is a peninsula jutting off of China, and Japan is only two hours away. Despite this close physical proximity to the neighboring countries, Korea has a distinctive culture of its own, which has developed during its 5,000 years of history. Visitors can expect to meet a lively population with its own language, writing system, architecture, cuisine, and many other manifestations of a unique cultural heritage.
About Deajeon
Expo Park
Korea's largest science festival, held in Daejeon, offers opportunities for people to enjoy science with robots and rockets. The Science Festival, the largest-scale ever in Korea, is to be held at the Expo Park in Daejeon. The international exposition (Expo '93) at Daejeon created the Hanbit Tower and the Expo Bridge.
As a city of science and technology, Daejeon is home to Daedeok Science Town, one of the highest-ranking science towns in Asia. The city is also home to Daedeok Valley, or "the Silicon Valley of Korea."
Daejeon Metropolitan City
Genicom Co., Ltd.
5F, Daehan Bldg., #1018 Dunsan-Dong, Seo-Gu, Daejeon 302-120, Korea
Tel: +82-42-472-7460 / Fax: +82-42-472-7459